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Learner Materials

How to get started in Bye Bye Anxiety.

Nervous for your first session, don't be! Check out the Learner Materials to prepare yourself for your first session.

Welcome New Students!

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  1. Attend your weekly sessions. Our program has limited spaces for committed students. If you need to cancel a meeting, please let your buddy know at least 24 hours in advance. If possible, reschedule the meeting with other times that work for you. Prepare for your sessions if your buddy sends you material to go over.

  2. Communication is key! If your buddy is sending you too many materials to prepare in advance, please let them know! If you have anything you want to discuss with your buddy (e.g. you are struggling with grammar or certain vocabulary) or an idea for a fun activity, let them know so they can prepare for your session.

  3. Don't be rude!

  4. Do not share your buddy's contact information, messages, or other details without their permission. Please respect their privacy!

  5. Please stay in contact with us, so we can make sure you have the best experience as possible. We will reach out occasionally to make sure everything is going well.

  6. Please let us know if you need to leave the program. Do not suddenly disappear!

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Session Ideas

  • Current news, events

  • Day-to-day life. School, family, hobbies, food, social media

  • An interesting article or video you found online

  • The latest book, movie, TV show

  • Debate about a specific topic

  • A fun game like crossword puzzles, word search, two-truths and a lie, etc.

  • Help with concepts you are struggling with in English

  • Help with TOEFL or other English exams

  • Help with conversation related to a job or travel (e.g. how to order food in a restaurant)

Prepare some questions you want to ask your buddy, and let them know if you want to cover any specific material.

Still having doubts about your sessions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us!

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